The Future Of The Good Hotel Guide: Revealed

Hotel Guide While competing against the media parts of the DTEK50 is ZTE’s Axon 7 mini ‘spectospec’, the two are e to toe, you could argue for the superiority of the Axon’s speakers and screen. While making this a $ 200 puppy, thing is, the Ion Gold version on sale at Best Buy at $ 100 off. Well, that said, this year was pretty ugh on smartwatches, huh? We are highly trusted by hoteliers.

Like window stickers and our logo for their website to that are a great deal more valuable than OTA customers. Accordingly the articles we produce for our media partners provide them with publicity that loads of them couldn’t get on their own. Most of our readers like to curl up with the Guide in bed, or keep a copy in their glove compartment.

Hotel Guide We are still fiercely independent, we pay our own way when we inspect hotels, and hotels can’t pay for an entry in our print guide.

The print guide is still very much the heart of our operation.

Marriott AC Belfast secures Jean Christophe Novelli restaurant to add to harbour side offering. That said, look, there’s still a market for the print version of the Guide, sales of the print Guide have held up pretty well over the past couple of years. Deckers Group launches 7m sale of three hotels and restaurants in the north. Our view is that we need to continue to offer our trusted reviews in whatever format our readers need to receive them. Its publication is an annual event, and gives focus to all our efforts. Keep reading! We also produce plenty of online listicles for some quality online media, including The Independent, The Standard, MSN Travel and Huffington Post USA, and we are always looking for more outlets to carry our trusted content.

None of this neglects our print readers since we continue to put out an all of the areas over the months ahead. As we continually strive to improve our digital offering, virtually we are launching a brand new website. We have done the hard work already. We offer much of our content for free online, and it’s important for us to have a vibrant website and digital presence. We are also active on Instagram. Basically, we know look, there’s loads of competition online, our view is that the user generated content sites like TripAdvisor are necessary but not sufficient. With that said, we offer a single, expert review of the hotels in our Guide. Our readers also like the ability to read about our hotels online.

These articles broaden the reach of our brand and our content. Oftentimes while interesting food and a special atmosphere, still they seek for to find the places with character with great service. Of course, they are certainly more comfortable with all kinds of digital media than they have been a few years ago.

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